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Sam: Bridal Shower Photos

I don't usually photograph bridal showers. In fact, I don't think I've ever professionally photographed a bridal shower. But, I'm REALLY glad I got to photograph THIS one. Because it was AWESOME!

First, I have to tell you how I know Sam. She's a really great young lady I've known for several years. Her sister is one of my dearest friends. And their family is one of the happiest and kindest I've ever know. They honestly enjoy their time together laughing and playing and finding joy in everything. I love Sam and all the Hansens!

Of course, in true Hansen fashion, this party was incredible. The theme was Disney movies, and every aspect of the event circled back to the theme. The food was incredibly tasty and inspired by Disney Princesses. The decor all came from the Hansen girls' personal belongings - they are cool enough to own all kinds of Disney memorabilia. The games and music all fit the theme. It was a Disney heaven!

You can't have a party without games and presents! It was all so fun! Molly came up with an incredibly challenging Disney quote game! I really liked the unique Giant Jenga game - it was a cool way to get to know more about Sam and her fiance, Kyle.

Good job, Molly and the Hansen clan! Sam and Kyle, I can't wait to photograph your wedding this fall!

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