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Ty: Senior Photos

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love working with seniors!

Senior sessions, because they usually just involve one person, allow for a lot of creativity. There is time and space to try new things, stop at different locations, and really embrace variety. It's fun!

Ty is a special senior. He's graduating early from online school (thanks, COVID). I'm sure he's got big things ahead of him!

This session was also special because Ty brought his mom, Danielle. Or, maybe Danielle brought Ty! Moms usually want photos more than thei teenage sons - I get it. But Ty was a champ! We got great photos of him and his mom, who often acted as the designated glasses older. I feel like I'll be in Danielle's place in 18 years with my baby boys!

Congratulations, Ty, and best of luck with all you do! I know your mom is proud.

P.S. At the last stop in our session, we stopped at this telescope installation at Gray's Lake. It was created in respect for Ty's uncle, who passed many years ago. You all know I love adding unique things to my sessions, but this one was especially touching.

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