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Frequently Asked Questions




What do I wear?

Simplicity is best. Avoid small, intricate patterns or neon colors. Stark blacks and whites also don’t photograph well, and reds and pinks are spotty. I suggest a group of coordinating hues, such as various shades of blue or yellow, or rich emerald and ruby jewel tones. As for footwear, athletic shoes are not recommended. If our session will take us through mud and rough terrain, consider bringing an athletic pair and a nicer pair. Ultimately, the wardrobe decision is up to the client. If you feel good in your clothes, you'll enjoy the process more!

Do you allow wardrobe changes?
Wardrobe changes are acceptable for all sessions except mini sessions. There is no extra charge for wardrobe changes, but they do cut into the shooting time. For an hour photo session, I recommend only one wardrobe change. Hint: Adding and taking away accessories like hats, scarves, and jackets are great ways to get a new look in a matter of seconds.


Do you require a deposit for photo sessions?
There is a 10% nonrefundable deposit required for Storybook Sessions. Other photo sessions do not require a deposit.


Is there a cancellation fee?

Jacie Creatives understands that things happen, like pop-up storms and sick kids. There are no cancellation fees, but it is recommended that you give as much notice as possible so that other clients can use that time.

Do you have an indoor studio?
No, at this time Jacie Creatives does not have an indoor studio. Sessions must be scheduled for on-site locations. Outdoors is usually best, though indoor locations with plenty of access to natural light will work. 


Do you have a list of recommended locations?
Yes, I have lots of places I like to shoot in the central Indiana area. For outdoor sessions, I like Holcomb Gardens, Garfield Park, Monument Circle, Province Park, Franklin College, Butler University, Sarah T. Bolton Park, the Indianapolis Art Center, Southeastway Park, Franklin Township Park, Washington Township Park, Friendship Gardens, the White River Canal, Holliday Park, the Statehouse lawn, and the University of Indianapolis campus. For indoor sessions, I recommend the Children’s Museum, Garfield Park’s Botanical Gardens, the Arts Garden, and the Indiana Statehouse. For Des Moines residents, I recommend the Greenway Trail, the Asian Gardens, the Statehouse lawn, Grand View Park, or one of the libraries. Most of these places do not charge admission fees; however, clients will be responsible for paying admission fees when applicable. Of course, I also love traveling to new places, so don’t hesitate to tell me about your favorite spots! 


Will you come to my home?
I generally don’t photograph at people’s homes; however, depending on circumstances, I am occasionally willing to photograph at individual residences. Indoor photography can only be considered when large windows and plenty of access to natural light is available.


Do you offer printing services?
I can help with printing requests. This is not a service I have listed, but I have a number of vendors I work with to print everything from invitations to building signs. I'm happy to provide a quote for these services, or simply offer recommendations if you want to tackle printing yourself.


Do you offer photos on USB drives?
At this time, Jacie Creatives only delivers photos digitally through Google Drive.


What makes a location ideal for photography? 
We need natural light and openly shaded areas to produce the best photographs. Without good, even natural light, the photos will show awkward shadows and strange coloring. Time of day and changing seasons affect the amount of light and shade available, and these are much more critical than fancy backdrops or cool scenery. Jacie Creatives will discuss timing options when you are ready to book your session. 

When will I get my photos?
Photos from most sessions will be sent to the client between one and two weeks after the session. If unforeseen circumstances cause any changes to this timeline, the client will be notified as soon as possible.


Do you offer any special packages?
All rates and packages are covered on my pricing page. I often offer special packages and discounts on my social media pages and in my newsletter, so follow both to be on the lookout for deals.


How far are you willing to travel, and do you charge extra for mileage?
I will travel anywhere! I charge $0.50 per mile for locations outside of Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding counties. If the destination requires air travel, the client will pay for airfare.


Do you have props or should we bring some?
My collection of props is always growing. You are always welcome to bring your own props, but they are not necessary. For families of young children, I often suggest bubbles and other small toys they can use as incentives for good behavior. For milestones, like senior year, I recommend you bring items that showcase that special time in life, such as a letterman jacket or class ring.


Do you offer gift certificates?
I do! Contact me with the amount you would like on the certificate, and it will be sent to you ASAP through email.


What types of photography do you do?
I do family, children, birthday, baptism, milestone, engagement, newborns, head shots, elopement, and senior sessions. If you have a need for photography and don’t see it listed, contact me to find out if I can help. I currently do not offer birth, boudoir, or wedding photography services.


When do I pay?
For most sessions, payment should be offered during the session or promptly after the session in instances requiring online payment. Photos for all sessions will not be sent until payment is received.


What are your hours?
Photography sessions are usually scheduled on Saturdays in mid- to early-morning and mid- to late-afternoon. These times guarantee the best light, though they change depending on season. Weekday sessions are occasionally available, depending on various circumstances. I prefer not to work on Sundays, as I reserve that time to be with my family and attend church. Contact me to figure out what sessions are available that fit your schedule.


How quickly should I expect to hear from you?
I am proud of my track record of replying to messages within 24 hours!


How do I pay you?
Jacie Creatives accepts cash and checks, and also accepts payment through PayPal.


What happens in the event of inclement weather or other unforeseeable hindrances?
In the event of emergencies, I will work with the client to alter location, date, or timing in a manner that works for both the client and Jacie Creatives.


I need my photos back by a certain day. How early in advance should I contact you?
If you need finished images by a certain date (for invitations, Christmas cards, etc.) you should plan to contact Jacie Creatives at least two months before the images are needed. This will provide time to schedule the session and edit the images before you need them for your project. Earlier notice is appreciated. Please let Jacie Creatives know up front if you need your photos by a certain time.

How long will I be able to access my pictures online?

Jacie Creatives is currently keeping online albums live for about two weeks. This policy could change at any time. It is recommended that you download your photos onto your computer as soon as possible. While I do back up my images, I cannot guarantee that I can resend them after a year's time has passed. Additional fees will be charged for reuploading files.

Why don't I get all of my images?

Part of my job as a photographer is to organize photos and cull through the ones that include blinking, awkward shadows, etc. This is part of the professional services that I provide to all of my clients, because I want you to have the best of the best! Clients should know that I will do all I can to identify, edit, and send all of the best images from our session. You will get plenty of variety on your album.

Can I get copies of the unedited photos?

As a photographer, I promise to provide edited copies of the best images to each of my clients, based on the package chosen by the client. I believe that it is not in the best interest of my clients to send them unedited versions of my photographs.

Art and Greeting Cards

Do you sell your greeting cards in stores?

No. Currently, these are only sold online.

Can I order cards in bulk?

Sure! Just contact me to place a custom order.

How long will it take for my order to arrive in the mail?

This greatly depends upon the timeliness of the postal service, but most clients receive their order in less than two weeks.

Will you offer more variety?

In the future, I hope to have a variety of lines, possibly based on seasons. Stay tuned.

Do you offer discounts or deals?

I usually offer deals through my newsletter and social media accounts. Make sure to follow along to learn more.

Freelance Communications

Do you have experience in this field?

Yes! I have spent the past decade working in public relations and communications for government, small businesses, and nonprofits. I have a bachelor's degree in public relations and journalism from Franklin College.

What kinds of services do you provide?

I can help with writing, social media, proofreading, media outreach, event planning, graphic and publication design, branding images, videography, fundraising, and so much more!

Can you work on a on-going basis or project-by-project?

Both! Depending on what you need done, I can help with a single project or you can enlist my services for an extended period of time.

What should I expect when reaching out to you?

We will usually plan a phone consultation - completely free to you - to go over your needs. I will listen and take notes, and then offer some suggestions for moving forward. I will then provide a quote for you to approve.​

Do you only work with local entities?

No. I am happy to help businesses and nonprofits virtually no matter where they are located.

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