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Trainings and Products

Thanks for your interest in Jacie Creatives' trainings and products. All items are priced affordably, because everyone should be able to afford quality. 


Resources for small businesses and entrepreneurs are easy to come by, but not all are helpful. My courses will give you guidance tailored to your business goals. You'll have real, practical takeaways and action items! With about ten years of industry experience, along with a degree in public relations and journalism, I am happy to share my knowledge and expertise with you! 


  • Find Your IDEAL Target Audience: This course comes with worksheets that I walk you through, all to make your communications more effective and efficient. You'll learn how to identify people who want to do business with you and come up with the best ways to reach them, without feelings of overwhelm or confusion.

  • Don't Pay for Ads: This FREE mini course can stop you from wasting money on ineffective ads! Instead, I offer several alternatives that will get your name out there without breaking the bank.

  • Instagram Ideas for Introverts: This FREE mini course will kickstart your brainstorming session regarding social media content. In just a few minutes you'll have several prompts - all professional, tailored to your business - that anyone can create!


Jacie Creatives has a line of greeting cards and postcards! These beautiful cards feature my photography work and are great for personal and business use. The designs are created to be general and ideal for any occasion. You can use them to say hi to a new neighbor, send healing vibes to a sick grandparent, wish congratulations to a recent graduate, welcome a new employee, and more! The imagery, all photographs taken in the Midwest, features shots of nature that convey feelings of warmth, hope, and optimism. Plus, the cards are printed on recycled paper! 


Bonus - many of the digital downloads also come with poems!These digital downloads are great for gifts, church lessons, and much more!

All artwork and design work owned by Jacie Creatives. See details under each product. Thank you for supporting this small business.

Note: If you'd like to buy in bulk, email Jacie at If you'd like to buy a gift card for photography services or art and cards, click here.

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