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Cottrell: Family Photos

This session was so fun! We had perfect October light and a very fun family!

Mary and Kevin are so sweet and funny! There kids are awesome, too. Keith, who I work with in our church nursery, was so worried when I pulled my car off the side of the road and put my hazard lights on (just to let others pass me while I we did pictures).

Big sister Alice is a little model. With the cutest clothes and the sun highlighting her hair, not to mention her natural posing abilities, she just couldn't take a bad picture!

This was the first time the Cottrell family had a chance to get little Neil his own baby pictures! He was so cute...I miss my boys being that little! And I loved his stink face!

Cottrell family, I hope we get to work together again! I miss the laughs!

Lots of love,


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