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Jon & Silvia: A Wedding to Remember

My last 2016 wedding occurred just last month in November, and it. was. beautiful! Jon and Silvia were married in Brownsburg, Indiana, and they were surrounded by fun, charismatic loved ones who were obviously happy for the couple!

Seriously, there was an abundance of support, fun, and love!

As a photographer, I love watching the people around me have a good time. Capturing smiles and fun moments is the best part of the job!

And let's not forget the details! I loved all the purple and the lights. In fact, you should probably know that I'm a sucker for twinkly fairy lights. :)

And let's not forget the cake(s)!

Also, "Most Unique Cake Topper" award goes to Jon and Silvia! This is the kind of unique details I live for as a wedding photographer! These details make wedding so personalized and special. Love it!

Of course, I could see that the "getting ready" photos for this special day were also going to be important. We made sure to capture Jon's mother putting on his boutonniere, and Silvia also pinned her mother and mother-in-law with their corsages. This prep time can be so sweet for family and friends as they ponder the special union about to take place.

Of course, the pinnacle of the wedding is the actual ceremony. Jon and Silvia beamed. It's so reassuring to see couples so happy on their wedding day, as they rightfully should be.

Jon and Silvia were married in the chapel of a Latter-day Saint (Mormon) church building. Photography rules dictated that for this kind of ceremony, I, as the photographer, could take pictures from the overflow area. Thank goodness for zoom lenses!

So, Silvia and Jon, thanks again for letting me be part of your big day! You are a lovely couple and, like many of the families I work with, I'm excited to see your love progress!

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