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Jacie: Cold Feet (Event Photos)

My cold feet had nothing to do with a major decision and everything to do with wearing the wrong shoes on ice.

In February I was asked to take pictures at an ice skating show. I was excited, because I used to take skating lessons when I was a kid and I have always loved it (in fact, it's probably my favorite sport). But, taking photos for the annual show was a new experience for me, so I was a little nervous.

It was a long day, but very cool (no pun intended). The skaters performed to theme songs to different TV shows, so I enjoyed singing along to the ones I knew (Friends, Girl Meets World, One Tree Hill, etc.).

In the end, it turned out great! The kids were cute and so talented! And other than wearing the wrong shoes (I didn't want to wear skates and take photos at the same time) I was so glad to be part of it.

So, enjoy a few photos from the day!

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