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Jess & Alicia: Engagement Photos

Meet Jess and Alicia, Hoosier natives who now live in Illinois! They are getting married this fall in Avon, and I was privileged to take their engagement photos!

What a time we had! We agreed to meet at the canal downtown, but when we got there, it was drained! Seriously, how did I not know the canal was drained? Well, that situation invited a bunch of skaters to use it as a temporary skate park (skip down to the end to see my behind-the-scenes shot). Cool, but not exactly what we wanted for a romantic photo session. Bless this couple for being flexible!

Instead we walked around the canal and took photos with other scenic elements - bridges, benches, etc. Jess and Alicia were fun to talk to, and it became clear that they have a great perspective regarding weddings and marriage. I think they're on a great track for relationship success!

We also walked through the government center and ended up at the Statehouse. Let me tell you, I love these photos! I don't get to do a lot of urban sessions, so this was a treat!

We had perfect weather for this session! I mean, who expects to be comfortable in just a jacket in January? But, hey, I won't question it - I'll just be thankful.

Thanks, Jess and Alicia, for meeting me! You guys were so fun and kind, and I loved getting to know you. I hope your wedding day is absolutely spectacular!

P.S. Here's that behind-the-scenes shot I promised.

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