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Sheena & Caleb: Family Photos

I've been waiting a long time to share these pictures! This lovely lady, Sheena, wanted to make sure these photos stayed secret until after Christmas. Your secret is safe with me Sheena!

Sheena and Caleb brought along their special friend - D-va! She stole the day! Heck, she even brought her own handler (Sheena's friend).

Sheena and Caleb lucked out with the scenery. Garfield Park is usually packed, but it was a cold day. That means we had the pagoda (one of my favorite spots) to ourselves! And with all the orange, red, and yellow colors, it was picture-perfect!

Plus, they were inclined to play on the playground. I LOVE people who want to have FUN with their photos!

Thanks for working with me, Sheena and Caleb!

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