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Homer: Family Photos 2022

The fact that clients return year after year just makes me so happy. It's a huge vote of confidence in my work that I don't take for granted!

I've worked with Kate a few times to document her growing family. I took her youngest's baby pictures when I was first starting out, and then I captured some preschool photos, too! Now, I was asked to take on the whole extended family as a gift to Kate's mom and dad!

Let me say, the gift of high-quality photos is perfect! These memories frozen in time. It's so hard to get family together as everyone grows - you might as well capture it when it does happen! So if you want to mark a milestone like a birthday, anniversary, or reunion with high-quality photos, go for it!

We met at Friendship Gardens in Plainfield, and it didn't disappoint (it never does). The flowers were in bloom, the clouds were fluffy, and the waterfall was as stunning as ever!

Note: This is a great place to just walk and explore...there's bathrooms and plenty of sitting areas. It's a gem!

Thanks for working with me, Homer family (and loved ones)! I hope to see you all again soon!

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