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London: Senior Photos

Move over, Paris Hilton. London is in.

All jokes aside, I loved working with this fashionista named London! What adjectives come to mind when you see her? Poised, fierce, and fun are at the top of my list! London is a senior in Altoona and she is destined for great things! She's creative and smart and is figuring out what her next move is after high school.

Working with London was fun because she could pose so easily. I got to bring out her smile and genuine laughter, we worked on movement and light, and the pictures turned out so beautifully. She truly was a wonderful model.

She said I was a great hype woman, which I will take as a huge compliment. She loved the location I chose (Yellow Banks Park) and we had really fun conversations about travel and celebrities and things like that. It was such an easy, go-with-the-flow session.

Senior sessions are so fun because you can really focus in on the one person. I was able to discuss with London what she really wanted, and she was game for really funs stuff. For example, at the end of the session she walked around in the freezing cold Des Moines River (remember, this was an October morning in was COLD) so we could get some water pictures. She was fantastic and I'm so glad we got her out before she lost a limb! These adventures make senior sessions so memorable and exciting!

London, I hope to see you on America's Next Top Model. Tell Tyra hi for me!

Lots of love,


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