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Jacie: Welcome to a Few of My Favorite Things!

Thanksgiving is this week, so why not tell you all the things I'm thankful for? It's timely and serves as a good introduction, right?

1. I'm thankful for Jesus Christ.

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In other words, I'm a Mormon, and I love it. My faith is a big part of who I am, and my relationship with my Savior, who I consider a brother, friend, and comforter, is integral to my life. Without my faith, I'd be a hot mess.

2. I'm thankful for my husband.

In 2015 I married my longtime boyfriend, Dustin. It was a great wedding - the lights, colors, dress, invitations, decor, and everything else were jut they way I wanted them. But mostly, I was glad I finally got to marry my best friend! We enjoy going on adventures, discussing anything related to Harry Potter, and chilling out with Netflix.

Photo courtesy of Kiley Lipps

3. I'm thankful for my family (and adoption).

I am the oldest of four kids. My youngest sibling is adopted from China. I mention this because you'll likely notice that she shows up in a lot of my pictures, and because adoption is close to my heart. I also have a very large extended family (69 first cousins!) that I love very much.

4. I'm thankful for Indiana.

I love being an American, and I love my Indiana home. Indiana is entirely underrated. We have beaches, caves, farmland, cities, and everything in between. I love being able to take short road trips and ending up in new places. I also love the fact that we get to fully enjoy the beauty of all four seasons. With that being said, I also love traveling, and I pretty much want to go everywhere!

5. I'm thankful for chocolate.

Yes, I am a chocolate addict. I am told Hershey's syrup runs through my veins. Along with chocolate, I love almost everything "girly" - pink, glitter, decorating, yummy scented candles, romantic movies and books, etc.

6. I'm thankful for photography.

I didn't actually plan on making photography a job. I didn't know it was a dream of mine. I didn't even know I was capable of taking good pictures. But once I got a taste of photography, I was hooked. I like the creativity and artistry behind it. I like producing work that makes people happy. I like feeling proud when I get a photo session perfect! Though unexpected, photography has become a huge blessing in my life.

The point of this blog is not only to share my photography work with you, but to also share my life with you. By working together, I hope we get to learn more about each other.

Lots of love,


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