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Bruce & Lisa: The Sneaky Proposal

Let me start off by saying this was one of my favorite photo shoots ever! Most sessions are very well planned out, but by the nature of this one, we had to rely on improvisation and sneakiness. Which made me a bundle of excited nerves leading up to the big day!

Bruce called me at the beginning of December to let me know that he had a special plan in the works, but that I could not tell anyone for fear of being "flogged with a wet spaghetti noodle." His words. After I agreed to secrecy, he let me know that in a matter of weeks he was going to propose to Lisa, and he wanted to make sure he had some good photos.

As with any sneaky plan, the details were altered a few times to make sure everything was perfect. Bruce conspired with Lisa's kids and arranged for "family photos" to be taken before the kids start college. That way, everyone was all ready for a photo shoot, without Lisa suspecting anything.

So we went to Friendship Gardens in Plainfield. It's a cool location because in one park you have several fun spots for photo-taking: a gazebo, a waterfall, benches, a wooded area, and really cool bridge!

We started off with the family photos. This gang made it a lot of fun!

And we sneaked in a few shots of just Bruce and Lisa.

Then, before we ran out of daylight, Bruce suggested we move to this little brick building in the distance. Of course, most of us knew why we needed to end our session at this specific spot. I'm glad Lisa rolled with the punches.

Once we got to the special location, Bruce walked Lisa up to the stoop of this adorable old brick building. He then walked back and grabbed his suit jacket and the ring from the kids. He gave the girls roses and let them all know how he felt about joining together as a family (yes, I teared up a bit, but managed to stay calm).

Bruce walked back up to Lisa, who knew something was going on by this point. In a very sweet moment, Bruce proposed and Lisa said yes!

And then we celebrated! I love the smiles I got in these candid shots.

Congratulations, you guys!

P.S. We have bloopers. Enjoy!

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