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Smith: Family Photos

In mid-April I had a photo shoot scheduled, and despite sketchy forecasts, unpredictable weather, and strong wind, I didn't want to reschedule. You see, I had worked with this wonderful family previously, and I didn't want to miss an opportunity to see them again!

I took Tarah and John's engagement photos in 2014, just before they, along with Haley, became a family. Now, just a few years later, they've added a little boy to the mix! I love to watch families grow in size and in love!

This family loves the outdoors, and we were able to take advantage of their own backyard for this session. The last time I worked with them, we went mudding in their truck! This time, we stayed a little more relaxed with the baby, but we still enjoyed all that the landscape had to offer.

Oh boy, does everyone love the little man, Micah. This guy was easy to work with, especially if his sister or the dog were nearby. That's all it took for the giggles to start.

This session called for some lifestyle shots. We had the opportunity to just hang out, relax, and play. This atmosphere produced some beautiful shots. I'll be the first to admit that lifestyle photography does involve some instruction and flexibility, but the comfort level everyone feels adds an easy-breezy feel to session and to the pictures.

I'm so glad we braved the wind that day! I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed capturing special moments for this wonderful family. They have so much life and spirit, and it was a pleasure to work with them.

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