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Miller: Family & Senior Photos

Client referrals are great, because one awesome family knows other awesome families, and I get the chance to work with all of these awesome people! This is how I met the Millers.

In April I worked with the Smith family at their home. I've worked with them twice now, and love how much genuine playfulness and sweetness their spirits have. Recently, I got a call from one of their relatives, Ann Miller. Ann was needing some family photos taken, and also wanted to capture some shots of her oldest son, who is graduating this year. She enjoyed the Smith's photos, and thought I might work well with her loved ones. I'm so glad she called - her family was a delight to work with!

Like the Smiths, the Millers also wanted photos taken on their property. They have some great spots on their land, and are surrounded by lovely fields. We had tons of sunshine (and a bit of wind, to be honest) and it turned into a great session.

What's the sign of a great session? When personalities start showing through.

I'm so grateful for client referrals! Thanks for working with me, Miller family!

P.S. Check out this high school senior! I had fun working with him one-on-one for some senior portraits.

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