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Shoaf: Family Photos

My first Shoaf photo shoot! That may not sound like an achievement, but it was exciting for me! My maiden name is Shoaf, and on that side of my family there are TONS of people. My Grandma and Grandpa Shoaf had 13 kids, 69 grandkids, and x number of great-grandkids (the number changes so often I have no clue how many there are). I've taken photos for fun at family reunions and at the family farm, but I haven't done a formal family photo shoot - until now!

So, now that you know my family history, let me tell you a bit about this photo session. My Aunt Cindy was excited that all of her kids and grandkids would be together for my cousin Gwen's graduation party. I think everyone with a large family knows you have to take advantage of any time everyone is in town. Hence, our photo shoot!

We also took some time for some personal shots, candid shots, and silly shots. These kinds of photos are so indicative of family...I love it!

Thanks, Aunt Cindy, for working with me! Shoaf family - let me know if we need any photos taken! :)

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