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Jenna: Senior Photos (Part 1)

Meet Jenna! She's one of my 69 first cousins (no, I'm not joking). And lucky for Jenna, she's graduating from high school in less than a year!

Like many of my cousins, Jenna is GORGEOUS! I have to admit, I've always been jealous of my family members with red hair. And height. I have neither. They got the good genes. :)

Growing up in rural Indiana, Jenna has lots of experience with animals and agriculture. She is a member of the FFA, which I could tell was important to her when she brought out her blue jacket.

It was such a pleasure to shoot at my grandma's farm - a place full of so many memories and loads of nostalgia. I had my senior pictures done here, as did my brother and other family members. It's a special place, and I knew that when Jenna mentioned it, we had a perfect location.

It also has the best vintage playground ever. Just sayin'.

Proud to be a member of the Shoaf family! Congrats on your upcoming graduation, Jenna!

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