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Sam & Kyle: Wedding Photos

Last month I photographed one of the most fun weddings I've ever attended. Sam and Kyle, let me start off my sending my thanks for letting me be part of your special day!

The venue was amazing! The Abe Martin Lodge in Brown County was such a cool spot, especially in early September when summer is ending and fall is approaching. The lodge itself was superb - I loved the bridal suite and courtyard. And the amphitheater was a lovely ceremony spot. Can't you feel the peace of this naturally-beautiful location?

Then there was the uniqueness of the reception. Sam and Kyle love board games, so all the tables were decorated with different games they enjoy playing! What a cool idea! The snacks and food were amazing, and the DJ played all the good songs (even I got out there and danced a little!). Shout out to Maddox Entertainment for their sense of fun, professionalism, and talent! The reception got pretty adventurous when a bat made it's way into the room and zoomed around the ceiling. In all honesty, I was a little scared. But it didn't stop the dancing or the shoe game.

And the people! Kyle and Same have the best family and friends! Supportive and always ready for a hug! They're also always ready to be silly and busy a move!

Let's not forget Kyle and Sam themselves. Their love story is on for the books, one their grandchildren will adore. Who doesn't want to hear a story about middle-school semi-friendship/semi-loathing turning into a love and lifetime commitment? These guys love books and games and Disney and just having a good time being together.

Sam and Kyle, best of luck in your marriage. Congratulations!

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