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Nolan: Baptism Photos

Meet Nolan, my cousin Christa's oldest child. He recently turn eight (happy belated birthday, Nolan)!

In our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormon church), turning eight is very special, because it's the age one can choose to be baptized!

Nolan has made the decision to be baptized, and his mom wanted to capture some special photos of him at the temple in Carmel to commemorate this special time of life. (Just to clarify, our baptisms happen in traditional church buildings; the temple is simply another special place in our religion that happens to be a great photo location.)

Nolan is incredibly silly and goofy and fun, but was also such a polite kid and a good listener. It was pretty cold outside, but he kept us laughing and having a good time!

Like any good Mormon child about to be baptized, Nolan brought his Book of Mormon and his CTR (Choose The Right) rings. Perfect props. :)

Good luck with your baptism, Nolan! Thanks for being a great kid!

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