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David & Katie: Engagement Photos

Some people can be simultaneously excited and relaxed (not me - I'm one or the other). Katie and David definitely fit this description, and it makes them such an awesome couple to work with!

Katie and David are one of my amazing 2018 JC Couples. They're getting married in the fall, and in preparation for the big day we met up at Camp Belzer for some engagement shots. This couple had the great idea to take engagement pictures at the same location as the ceremony; that way, we're all feeling prepared and relaxed for the wedding!

I could tell Camp Belzer meant a lot to these guys - especially David. He spent time camping and working her with the Boy Scouts of America. He knew all about the cool spots for shots and had a few fun memories to share.

I can't talk up Camp Belzer enough! Their lodge is great - beautiful stonework and woodwork, and plenty of awnings to get outdoor pictures even in the rain (a photographer's dream come true). You don't have to walk far to also see some cool cabins, old bridges, stairs naming the Boy Scout values, lovely trees and walking paths, and Fall Creek! Heck, our biggest challenge will be incorporating all of these awesome spots in a limited time frame! (Mental note: bring good walking shoes.)

I love the opportunity to work with couples before the big day! It helps us get to know each other and go through the process of getting good photos - what poses work well, what lighting is best, etc. It also helps me prepare the bride and groom with tips to ensure we capture all the moments, like holding all kissing moments. Taking engagement pictures with the wedding photographer is such a good practice for all couples, and helps everyone work together more effectively. That's why JC Photography & Design's updated wedding pricing includes FREE engagement sessions with each wedding package.

David and Katie, thanks so much for working with me. Your love and sense of adventure is admirable and beautiful. I can't wait for your wedding day!

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