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Jenna: Senior Photos (Part 2)

You might remember this girl from a post last year. This is Jenna (one of my lovely cousins).

After a really fun rustic country senior session in August, Jenna wanted some variety in her senior photos. So after talking through various options, we decided to do a session at the Arts Garden in downtown Indianapolis.

Not going to lie - this session was a struggle. First, our venue was booked for an event (though we did find an unused spot for a few shots). Second, it was Comic Con weekend, meaning traffic was terrible (and there was the unusual chance of getting anime characters in the background of our shots). And third, the weather was RIDICULOUS - after rescheduling dates and times, we still had sprinkles and extremely strong wind.

Nevertheless, we were determined to get some good images to document her senior year! As we waited for the wind and rain to subside, we hung out in one of the downtown hotels and got in some shots. Luckily, we found some cool, unique places that fit our urban vibe.

Finally we decided to try to few outdoors pictures. It was cold, but the wind and rain had calmed. I'm so glad we went outside. Not only are the pictures gorgeous, but we had the sweetest experience! A little girl came up to Jenna and complimented her hair! It was so kind and made both of us feel good.

Thanks, Jenna, for being such a trooper! I hope you love your photos and rock the end of your senior year!

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