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Day: Engagement & Family Photos

Graciela and Austin, thank you for letting me photograph you! You guys have a love story that is just beautiful!

Graciela and Austin are newlyweds. A few months ago, they booked me for their wedding. But, these guys are both in the National Guard, and because of various duties and timelines, they had to make some changes. They eloped early this month in Tennessee in a stunning and intimate ceremony, just the two of them.

Still, through our various email discussions, we knew we wanted to work together. So, we did a reverse engagement session in Garfield Park to celebrate their new marriage and the amazing memories their about to make as husband and wife!

Let me pause in the love story and say how cool it was that Garfield Park wasn't packed with people like it typically is! Usually the Pagoda is full of families hosting parties and get-togethers, but this time, we were lucky! I love the fairytale look it offers.

I gathered through our emails that these guys were pretty cool, but I didn't know how much. They were so loving and sweet with each other, talking about things only people truly in love talk about, like the time they got lost or the fact that Austin hadn't had the chance to eat dinner yet. They were so down-to-earth in the most endearing way. Which makes me think their marriage is probably going to be a great one!

It was a pleasure to get to know this couple. They chatted with me like we'd known each other for a long time. I know I have great clients, and Graciela and Austin are definitely on the list.

I hope to work with you guys again soon! Enjoy your first month as husband and wife!

P.S. Thank you for your service to our country. It is greatly appreciated, and I hope you both will be blessed with safety, health, and happiness for your courage and selflessness.

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