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McKenzie: Wedding Photos

Today was a fairytale...

That is one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs, and it came into my head a million times during Leanna and Ben's beautiful June wedding.

You may remember Leanna and Ben from their engagement session last September. It was one of my favorite sessions I've ever done! Beautiful light, beautiful location, beautiful couple!

Once you know a few things about these two, I think you'll love them just as much as me.

First, they're fun! Leanna is a dancer, and Ben loves to join in with her. They joke, they laugh, they smile. They just like having fun. That's my favorite kind of relationship.

Second, they love family! Leanna and Ben included their family members in the entire day, and everyone was so kind and gracious as we worked with them. Leanna's sisters ADORED her. Both of the fathers gave such touching speeches. And Leanna's grandpa - he was so excited for his little girl.

Third, they love God. My faith is incredibly important to me, so I am always touched when I meet others who have strong faith as well. The prayers were important parts of the ceremony, and I'm so glad this couple made prayer such a priority. So many toasts and words of wisdom applauded Leanna and Ben for being godly people. I applaud them too.

Lastly, they love each other! The vows they made were sweet and sincere, promises to support and sustain each other through times of sunshine and rain, times of fun and homework, times of joy and sadness. The way they look at each other shows that this love is deep, personal, and lasting.

Mr. and Mrs. McKenzie, thank you for the honor of being part of your special day! I enjoyed every moment!

P.S. Special thanks to Yvette Cherie Tait Photography out of Fort Wayne, Indiana for serving as my second photographer for the day.

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