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Jacie: Posed vs. Candid Photos

You'd think it would be simple, right? Posed photos are more structured, with specific places for the subjects to stand, everyone smiling directly at the camera. Candid, or lifestyle, photos are in-the-moment, raw, authentic, unplanned images that are captured more spontaneously.

But, it's not that easy, trust me.

My style is a mix of both, and I love it! Their are pros and cons to each process, and I find that different situations call for different approaches. Let me explain.

Posed photos are definitely more formal, and they are perfect for documenting reunions and other gatherings. In busy circumstances, sometimes posed photos are the most realistic options for capturing everyone in attendance. Head shots are also typically posed. But don't think that means posed photos have to be stuffy! With some imagination, they can be very fun and sweet.

Candid lifestyle photos are much more relaxed. The subjects may not be looking at the camera all of the time. They may have silly grins or get caught in the middle of a twirl. While not set up in structured rows, the subjects do require a bit of posing. As a photographer, I still check lighting and angles and instruct clients in their posture and other details.

So, no matter what you prefer, just know that JC Photography & Design has you covered. I'm happy to talk with all my clients about different approaches. Just know, no matter how formal or relaxed, you're photos will be special. So save them, share them, print them, frame them - just cherish them.

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