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Fjeldsted: Wedding Photos

Don't worry, I checked the spelling of that last name before I wrote this. It's a doozy! But, I'm going to have to get used to writing it, because the bride is one of my best friends, so I expect to be seeing her a lot for the rest of my life!

Kaitlyn and Gordon as just the sweetest people. I had the privilege of witnessing their wedding ceremony (calling a sealing) in the Indy temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The way they listened to the words that were spoken and the vows that they made was inspiring - you could tell they take this marriage seriously.

Like the true Hoosiers we are, Kaitlyn and I met at Holiday World when we were like 12 (we really don't remember for sure). We have mutual family friends and we all happened to be at the amusement park at the same time. From there we wrote each other letters until we got cell phones and Facebook. We've seen each other go through a lot of different situations. A few years ago, Kaitlyn was one of my bridesmaids. Now, I got to be her photographer! I love when life comes full circle like that!

Besides being a sweet friend, she's also stunning! Gordon, you hang on to her!

Kaitlyn and Gordon met in Logan, Utah, where they now live. They keep growing and progressing as a couple, and I'm so happy for them! They clearly have so much fin together, and I know that will be an important part of their marriage.

On a hot (but thankfully cloudy) August day, they were married to each other forever. That's love.

Kaitlyn and Gordon, enjoy all the lovely adventures you're going to have together! Marriage was made for you. Stay sweet!

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