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Tim & Danielle: Engagement Photos

I love it when my photography takes me to new places. This time, I was in Adams Mill, Indiana at an old grist mill and camp ground meeting a couple for the first time. I was out of my element, but it turned out to be amazing!

First, let me say that Danielle and Tim are awesome! They are getting married next year and we talked a lot about their wedding and their honeymoon. They also told me about things they like to do for fun, which includes spending time with their beloved dog. Oh, and they shared their bug spray with me - that's friendship.

What was most special to me was the fact that Time admittedly hates taking pictures. But he was such a good sport! He clearly loves Danielle enough to make her happy. And he was so nice and polite to me, and it feels great to be treated like a professional. Danielle told me afterwards that he actually had fun - a photographer's dream response!

For her part, Danielle tried to make Tim more comfortable by picking a place he liked. That was so considerate of her, and I like meeting couples who treat each other with thoughtfulness and kindess.

So, that's how Adams Mill was chosen as the location. It's a cool place - tons of greenery, a covered bridge (which are famous in Indiana), a pond, a grist mill, flowers, and so much more. We could have stayed there a long time, but we wrapped up quickly because the mosquitoes were a bit overwhelming that day.

On my drive home, I was feeling so good. I had an amazing sunset, gorgeous country views, and the confidence that cones with working in a cool place with a cool couple. Danielle and Tim, thanks for working with me, and congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

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