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Christensen: Family Photos

I'm so happy when I get to work with long-time friends! The Christensen's are just the best! You may remember them from last year, when I blogged about the newborn session I did after the birth of little Kara.

I've been friends with Rachael and Dale for a few years now, and they are true examples of all that is good in this world. They have so much love and respect for each other, never afraid to be sweet, romantic, playful, and silly together. I love their love.

And, of course, Kara is adorable! She has the sweetest smile, and I know she's going to be a bright light in this world. I mean, look at her parents! You know they are bringing her up well.

For this session, we had perfect golden hour light. We needed a convenient location for both me and the families, so we went for Franklin Township Park. I know this spot well - I played here as a kid, and I did service projects here as a teen. I particularly love the bridge, which I believe is a Troll Bridge. I don't why I believe a troll lives under this bridge, but I do.

Christensen family, thanks for working with me again. I hope to be like you guys - you teach me so much!

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