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Hays-Mussoni: Family Photos

I love working with friends of friends - referrals are always the best! One of my new clients, Janel, referred one of her co-workers, Stephanie, to me. I've been so happy meeting these women and their families!

Stephanie and I had to reschedule bit - we were faced with the first real ice storm of the season! Once we finally met, we had to fight wind and cold. Some people would be miserable in those conditions, but not us!

Stephanie and her husband and daughters were a joy! I enjoyed showing them one of my favorite locations - the pagoda at Garfield Park - and we shared ideas back and forth to get the best pictures. In the end, we ended up with fun, snuggly photos that bring me a lot of pride!

The Hays-Mussoni family were so fun, kind, and photogenic! Even the dog!

One of the best things about Stephanie (and Janel) is that they work at the University of Indianapolis! My husband is a UIndy student, and it's fun to meet others who are familiar with the school! I'm so grateful to know people like the Hays-Mussoni family!

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