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Jacie: Why You Need Proposal Photos

When Dustin and I had been dating for a few years, I let him know that I wanted his proposal documented. I mean, I'm a photographer - it's an expected request.

He did a great job of keeping it a secret - one I almost ruined. My friend Ellie asked me to take head shots for her at Province Park, which is a beautiful spot near Franklin College. I love this spot, and I was happy to help Ellie. But, when the agreed upon date came around, I had to take my car in to get fixed. Little did I know, I ruined a lot of plans!

We rescheduled for the following week, and when I showed up, I found out Ellie did not need head shots. She was there with her camera (which confused me a little) and then Dustin came out from behind a tree. He'd set up twinkly lights spelling out the words "marry me" and then got down on one knee and popped the question. Of course I said yes, and here we are 4 years later!

I wish I'd had on a better outfit (I had just come from work, so I looked icky), but I'm SO GLAD Dustin had remembered to get a photographer for this occasion. It was a special moment, and I'm glad we have lovely pictures to save this day in our minds forever. Ellie and I took photography classes together at Franklin College, and she did a beautiful job working with us! She even helped with our engagement photos a month or so later! Thanks, Ellie!

All photos below were taken by Ellie Price.

So, if you have an engagement coming up, make sure to book a photographer! All the trinkets can fall apart or get lost, but pictures can keep the memories alive for a long time! Do yourself a favor, and make sure you get a photographer who can help with whatever the surprise plan is (if there is one) and who can guarantee high-quality images. Ask questions. Bounce ideas off of each other. Communication what you want. There are lots of photographers out there, and I love to be the one to capture a couple's proposal and engagement!

Here are a few images I've taken of proposals and engagements:

Contact me now if you are interested!

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