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Jade & Jentrie: Baptism Photos


Jade and Jentrie are the daughters of one of my many cousins, Christa. I took her son's baptism pictures and her other daughter's baby pictures awhile back. I have truly grown to love these kids! Every time I see them they are upbeat, fun, and just plain nice!

Jade and Jentrie will be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in May. That means they will be full members of the Church and will considered officially accountable to Heavenly Father for their decisions. I'm sure that these sweet girls will help each other choose the right.

I really can't get over how stunning they are. The dresses and flower crowns are cute, but their sweet, silly smiles are the best!

Working with twins is something particularly cool. I really wish I was a twin, but I have a feeling my sister is glad we're not. Still, wouldn't it be fun to be like these girls?

Jade and Jentrie, I'm so glad I could take these pictures for your baptism. I hope you return to the temple in a few years to learn more about this sacred place. I hope you come back as adults to get married here. It's a lovely place for you lovely girls. Congratulations on this big step!

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