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Annette and Mike: Couple Photos

Sending my best wishes to Annette and Mike, who were recently sealed in the Indianapolis Indiana Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!

I have a long history with these guys, and I'm glad their stories have joined together for a happy tale (can you tell these storybook characters love their sapphire gems?)!

If you don't know what a sealing is, let me explain. It's essentially a wedding ceremony, but instead of "till death do us part," it's more like "for time and all eternity." As members of the Church, we believe this is how family bonds last beyond death. It's a short ceremony that takes place in one of the rooms of the temple. No photography or videography is permitted. So, we take our time outside getting the shots we want.

Thanks for including me and my family in your big day! Congratulations!

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