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Sami & Josh: Wedding Photos

Cheers to the new Mr. and Mrs Hyde! What a wedding - I am so excited to show off these images!

Sami and Josh are sweet, unique, and just plain nice. They showed that love through little glances, lots of laughs, inside jokes, fun dances, and memorable vows.

I mean - check her out! Josh, you are a lucky guy!

One special feature of their day was a lock ceremony, something I'd never witnessed before. During their wedding, they interlaced their locks. Afterwards, they threw the keys into the river! Now that's commitment!

With an Indiana wedding, you never know what to plan for when it comes to the weather. We had a very warm September this year. Luckily, we did get some beautiful photos after the ceremony at a nearby park. Plus, Fishers has plenty of spots that offer a more urban vibe. Some of these pictures just ooze sweetness and I love it!

As a vendor, I greatly appreciate their generosity. They made sure were were comfortable and had food (a huge plus, and very rare). They spoke kindly instead of barking orders. Honestly, I think that's just how they treat everyone. From the wedding party to all of the guests, everyone seemed so happy. Can't ask for much more than that!

Special thanks to the wedding party for being so fun and for making me and my second shooter, Yvette, feel so comfortable. You were all beautiful and we loved getting to know you before the ceremony and reception took our complete focus. These special "getting ready" images are amazing - truly some of my favorites from the entire day!

I can't end this blog without a shout-out to Gerald. He was always nearby, ready for makeup and dancing. Sami and Josh, I love all of the things that make you guys unique! Whether it's the giraffe or donuts, the little things matter. Keep them close. They'll keep your marriage full of fun and laughter. I'll bet there will never be a dull moment for you two.

Thanks for working with me this year. 2019 has been great because of you two! Congratulations, Sami and Josh!

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