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Kaden & Hope: Engagement Photos

This was a special session - because it was for my brother! He gets married in August, and he and his fiance, Hope, asked me to take their engagement photos.

Kaden and Hope met several years ago in high school. Kaden doesn't share much, but if I got the story right, Hope made him a cookie cake and the rest is history! They dated through their time at Purdue University, Kaden switching to UIndy, Hope taking internships and clinicals in other towns, and more.

The wedding will take place at Franklin College in Franklin, Indiana. It's a lovely campus. I should know; I was a student there. Now, my mom works there. I think it will be a beautiful place for a wedding, and it worked out well for engagement photos, too! We were able to use the sunshine and the snow to our advantage.

Welcome to the family, Hope! Here's to years of snowball fights and piggyback rides! If Kaden gives you any trouble, he responds well to food bribes (though you probably already know that).

Congratulations to Kaden and Hope! Good luck with wedding planning!

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