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Christiansen: Family Photos

Hey, it's friends! I have friends! And they made a stop in Iowa to see me!

Maybe this pandemic has made me a little needy to hang out with people, but it was so nice to see some friendly faces a few weeks ago. The Christiansen family stopped by Greenway Trail near my home on their move out west, and I'm so glad they did!

Rachael and Dale are friends from church in Indiana. They are kind and sweet and so helpful and service-minded. A few years ago, they had little Kara, who has grown into such a fun and sweet child. I remember taking her newborn photos like it was yesterday. Since then, I've done several sessions with this family - they are some of my favorite repeat clients!

We had such a fun, warm afternoon (we were expecting a freeze so we were pleasantly surprised with sunshine) feeding the ducks and walking along the trail! This is the best way to do a session - casual and relaxed!

For my friends, I wish for them peace and comfort and clarity as they transition to life in Idaho. I wish them health and safety as they welcome a little baby boy to their family in a few months. I wish them happy holidays and joy all year round!

I hope to see you all again soon! Please visit us Midwesterners again!

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