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Farris: Family Photos

Call me crazy, but I took my own family photos this year.

Me and a tripod and the beach and Amazon outfits and twin boys - what could go wrong?

Honestly, it was a fun family outing. We enjoyed the great weather we're having this fall and spent more time snapping away getting candid shots over posed photos.

What I came away with are the most precious photos of my babies and husband. I think I'll treasure these forever.

My husband - who was a good sport but knows very little about posing or cameras or photography at all - got a few photos of me and the boys too.

So when you're wondering how a photographer can possibly get sweet images of your crazy family and all their wild shenanigans, just know that I've been there and done that, and it can actually be a really fun session.

Thanks for caring about my business and my family!

Lots of love,


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