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Maylee: Senior Photos (Part 1)

My sister is extra, so we're doing her senior photos in two parts.

Oh, my Maylee. She's my little baby doll princess sister who I prayed for over many years. I've done her hair for the first day of school, took her to playgroups, picked her up from kindergarten, planned her birthday parties...and now she's a senior in high school!

For this first session, we timed it to use my new house before we had a chance to move in! That way, we could make use of the blank walls. We picked up fake flowers from the dollar store and spent more than two hours string them together with fishing line and hot glue. It was a fun, creative process, and one I don't usually get the chance to do. Luckily, as sisters, there was a bit more room for trial and error.

Didn't they turn out beautiful?! Maylee particularly loves the ones sitting on an empty bookcase (years of dancing gave her a great toe point)!

Stay tuned for another round of Maylee senior photos!

Lots of love,


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