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Jacie: Mother's & Father's Day Photos

This year, for a combined Mother's and Father's Day, I wanted to update my parents' family pictures. I had a three-part thought process:

  1. The last family pictures we have are from my wedding four years ago, so they need a refresh.

  2. With their new remodel of the kitchen and living room, I thought now was a great time for new decor.

  3. With my move to Des Moines, I thought we could use this as an excuse to capture a few family moments.

So, feast your eyes on the 2019 Shoaf family portraits! I'm pretty proud of these - it's hard to take your own family pictures (especially when you only have 15 minutes and it's about to rain), but I think these turned out ok.

P.S. For my Indy families, the Children's Garden Park in Greenwood is an excellent spot for a short mini session! It's not big, but the gazebo, greenery, and fountain create a lovely atmosphere.

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