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Molly & Ben: Engagement Photos

One huge blessing of my job is working with dear friends to document their special moments. This time, I got to work with my longtime friend Molly an her fiancé, Ben. Aren't they adorable?

Molly and Ben are getting married in June, so wedding planning is in full swing! I am so excited that I get to be a bridesmaid! One, because I know that this wedding is going to be a PARTY! Two, because I am overjoyed seeing my friend happy. I've known Molly for literally twenty years. lived about a minute away from each other. We've had sleepovers, worked on the yearbook staff, and even took the SATs together (where we excitedly found free tampons in the Butler University girls' restroom). We share a pet rock, we go out for froyo dates, and we exercise and bake brownies together (yep, brownies and exercise - you read that right). We have so much history and so many memories.

I've also had the joy of watching Molly and Ben fall in love. They laugh together, build each other up, care genuinely care for each other. They are sensitive to each others' needs. They've built a home together, they care for their kitty together, and they bring fun to the lives of those around them. Seriously, knowing them is a blessing.

I gifted a mini session to my friends to commemorate their engagement. We shot all the pictures on the front porch of their home and in their back yard. It was perfect. What a way to document their home and the life they have created together!

See you in June, guys! I love you!

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