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Price: Family Photos

Working on a new website and complete rebrand for this business of mine meant that blogging really got put on the backburner - but here I am! Back at it again.

In the spring I was able to photograph an amazing family at the Capitol Building in Des Moines. It was basically my ideal photo shoot - a family brought together at a lovely spot to laugh and play, all while I'm capturing these special moments.

First, the location is perfect. Huge grounds with tons of beautiful architecture and gardens. I love photographing here because the textures from the different trees and the flowers and the grassy hills and the stone steps really pop!

Second, I have to brag about this family. They have two sets of twins, and the second set were just tiny little ones when this session happened! As a twin mom myself, I always love connecting with other twin moms. And Becky is a seasoned pro!

I mean, aren't these kids adorable? Their laughter was infectious, and I genuinely had a great time getting those smiles.

Price family, thanks for working with me! I hope you treasure these images, because I'm quite proud of them.

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