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Tadlock: Family Photos

I really should start branding myself as a twin photographer.

Meet the Tadlock family! I met them when my husband and I were attending Multiples Class at the hospital. This was right before COVID hit, when we could meet in person. Kayla and I were both pregnant with twins, obviously (me having fraternal boys while she was having fraternal girls), and we found out we live in the same neighborhood! Small world!

It was so fun to interact with another twin family. They just get it. The running off in different directions. The opposite personalities. The need to pack two of everything at all times.

Luckily, we all go some pretty cute kids! Cora and Charlotte were adorable. Of course, we sand lots of songs to try to get their attention. Mostly, we let them play and explore. This is the ideal time for candid photos because we can capture natural movement and let personalities shine through. I love it!

I think this session speaks a lot to why Iowa is so great - good people, beautiful parks, great communities, lots of nature. It's so great that families like ours can enjoy places like Thomas Mitchell Park and so many other wonderful spots.

Kayla and Colin, thanks for choosing my as your photographer! I'm looking forward to that walk once the weather warms up!

Lots of love,


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