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Jacie: Here's to Friendship

It's the month of love, right? I know a some people can't get enough of Valentine's Day, and others absolutely detest it. My thoughts fall somewhere in the middle: yes, I agree that love should be shown all year and not just on a holiday, but, yes, I also love to celebrate happiness and love and couples and friendships. Basically, I love love, and I like to focus on things that bring a little more positivity to the world.

So several weeks ago I spent some time with my little sister and her friend. In all honesty, they were helping me out as I tried some new lighting techniques. Either way, it was still fun to take them to the City Market in downtown Indianapolis (a really cool industrial space with good food that makes for an awesome FREE indoor photo shoot location) and just take some fun shots. We had a good time!

Without further ado, here are some new images! So, here's to friendship!

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