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Gootee: Wedding Photos

I'll warn you now, this will be a long post. It's hard to keep any wedding to a minimum. But I had so much fun capturing Rob and Tori's special moments, I'm not sure how to pick which photos to share!

Rob and Tori were married in May at the Indianapolis Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For Mormons (LDS), it's a very sacred place, and a marriage performed there lasts forever, not "till death do you part." Photography is not allowed inside, but that's ok, because the outside architecture and grounds are stunning!

Hours before their wedding, it was storming. I was so worried, especially because inside photos aren't possible at a Mormon temple wedding. But, I believe in prayer, and I prayed that we'd have weather we could work with. And it worked! Miracles do happen!

I know Rob and Tori were grateful to everyone who shared in the miracle of their wedding day!

Rob and Tori had a lovely ring ceremony and reception a few weeks later in June, so that more of the friends and family members could celebrate with them. It was another opportunity for family photos and lots of special moments. (It was also her grandma's birthday!)

It all wrapped up with a sparkler sendoff! Congratulations, Rob and Tori!

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