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Shoaf: Family Photography

Are you starting to recognize the Shoaf name on this blog? That's because I've had the pleasure of working with lots of my family members this year, and it's been great!

These are my cousin Isaac and Dominika's kids. Aren't they cute?! THOSE EYES!!!

I did a photo shoot with these guys and their cousins. We met at the playground at Holliday Park - a side that I don't usually get to see. I loved it, though! This spot has all the fun anyone could need for family and children photos!

This session was great because it was mostly unposed candid photos. Lifestyle photography is underrated. While I love posing groups together in flattering ways, lifestyle photography captures more motion and action. Candid photos are all about real emotions, and they capture real memories.

The best part is, they look great framed and hanging in the home! Never be afraid to flaunt those special candid moments!

Thanks for working with me, guys! I had fun with you all!

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