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Jacie: A Photographer's Christmas List

Every year I make a Christmas list. Yes, I know that's a childish thing to do, but my mother still demands that I make a list. So I do. And every year there are a few photography gadgets that I really want.

Because most of my family and friends don't actually know which gadgets I want and need, I usually include links to Amazon or other online stores. As I was going over my list this year, I thought I would share it with you all.

Maybe you have a photographer friend and want some gift ideas. Maybe you can recommend better versions of the tools for me! Either way, I hope this blog post is fun and maybe a little helpful!

  • Reflectors: You want reflectors that are cheap and versatile. I think this deal on Amazon meets those criteria. Of course, it's another thing to carry, but anything to help with lighting an skin tones is always appreciated.

  • Camera strap: This would be so helpful on every photo shoot, but especially for weddings or larger family sessions. I'm always switching back and forth between my two cameras during these kinds of photo shoots. A strap like this one on Amazon would help me keep both cameras on my body so I don't have to leave one unattended while I'm using the other.

  • Camera neck strap (2): I cannot tell you how uncomfortable the standard camera neck strap is. It really doesn't distribute the weight properly, and it leaves my already weak neck and shoulders feeling terrible, especially after long sessions. Plus, they're boring. :) I really think these cute neck straps I found on Amazon could help a lot (and since I use two cameras, I would definitely need two...haha).

  • SD cards and lens caps: I always lose my lens caps (one is in the Ohio River...ooops), and you can never have enough high storage SD cards (one wedding will fill it right up).

Merry Christmas!

P.S. My husband took that nice picture...haha! :)

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