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Bryanna: Senior Photos

My friend Bryanna is pretty amazing - she looks so sweet and yet she can totally kick your butt!

Bry is a senior in Franklin Township. I've known her several years through church. She is funny and kind and very talented. She shines at so many things, like show choir and Krav Maga!

That's right, Krav Maga! Bry had the great idea to do her senior session at her Krav Maga gym and I was instantly intrigued. I'm all about everything unique and clever!

(Don't know what Krav Maga is? That's ok, according to Wikipedia, it's a "military self-defence and fighting system developed for the Israel Defense Forces...."

So we met at the gym on the north side of Indianapolis and had a great time! Bryanna showed me her pink gloves, which she's known for because she's the only female teacher there. She was also excited to show me the over-sized gloves they use for fun in the kid classes.

Bry is set to go to Ball State University in Muncie in the fall. With so many talents, I know she'll do well.

Congrats, Bry! Kick butt in college.

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