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Jacie: A London Photo Session (Travel Photos)

*Photo credit: All photos in this post were taken by Irina Aksenova*

In case you missed my recent social media, I went to ENGLAND!

A little background info: I have always dreamed of going to England. It's the ideal spot for a Harry Potter-loving believer in fairy tale princesses who has never been outside of the United States. I got to see castles, the English Channel, Harry Potter sets, and so much more! But, that detailed post will be coming later.

This trip has been years in the making, and early on I realized I needed to document my travels with more than selfies. I decided to hire a photographer to capture the magic of London.

Months ago I started looking into London photographers, and I was so lucky to find Irina! She is a documentary-style photographer who has found her niche working with tourists. She knows all the good spots and helps tourists decide which iconic scenes are most special to them. I loved the film-like quality in her editing, and her packages that seemed tailored just for me. So I hired her!

Irina did a great job working with us to go over locations, as we had some construction issues to work around (come on, Big Ben!). I sent her some suggestions and she crafted a route that took us past the Tower of London to London Bridge, the Shard, Piccadilly Circus, the Tube, Trafalgar Square, Westminster, and the Eye! She knew where to find the Union Jack, lovely architecture, and the red telephone booths (oh my gosh, they are adorable!).

She was also great to talk to and made us feel comfortable. She was shocked that we'd been married three years (darn our baby faces), gave us some history lessons, and told us about her homeland of Russia. She clearly loves her job so much that she just kept snapping away, not even worried about time.

I was so excited to see the finished products! They just blew me away and completely captured the excitement I felt walking around this amazing city. These are the BEST souvenirs I've ever bought, and they were worth the investment.

Why do I write this story? Because I want my clients to know I've been in their shoes. I know what it's like to search for the ideal photographer who could see my vision. I now what it's like to plan out the perfect outfits (I really, REALLY love that tulle skirt). I know what it's like to plan the timing for makeup and logistics. And now I know what it's like to try to decide which pictures to print (I mean, seriously, where am I going to put all of these pictures?).

I don't get in front of the camera enough, but just know that I understand. And if you trust me with your photo session, I promise be there for you each step of the way.

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