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Gailey: Family Holiday Photos

I had a special Thanksgiving treat this year - I spent my morning with the Gaileys!

Some of the Gailey clan live on the east coast, and some live on the west coast. As a holiday treat, they gathered at their parents' Indy home. There were jokes, smiles, and lots of laughter. I know everyone - especially Peggy, the mom - was happy to have her loved ones so close.

While we wanted to capture as much natural light as possible, it was just too cold for the little ones to stay outside long. So, we came inside and took pictures by the Christmas tree!

Despite the cold weather and kids who were just excited for their Thanksgiving feast (though they did find time to swarm me with hugs - it was awesome!), the Gaileys took everything in stride. Maybe that's how their daughter, Megan, became a comedian (that's right - I've officially photographed a celebrity)!

Thanks for the fun, Gailey family! Happy holidays!

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