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Cornett: Family Photos

I've never met siblings who get along quite as nicely as the Cornett siblings! It was so nice to work with these guys!

Brooke, the middle child, reached out to me a few months ago wanting pictures of her and her siblings before Christmas. These would be a surprise for her mom. What a great idea, Brooke! High-quality, professional images make AMAZING gifts.

The Cornett kids range in age from 25 to 11, and yet, they're best friends! I get it, actually - my sister and I are 13 years apart and we are best friends.

We had fun doing different pairings of the kids. My favorites are the "Oreo" pairings - oldest and youngest together make the cookies, and the middle children make the cream! Perfect!

We had such a blast getting to know each other! We met at Southwestway Park - a new location for me (that turned out to be perfect) and had a lot of fun walking through the woods to find the "perfect trees" and this cool wooden hut-like structure.

Thanks for the adventurous afternoon, Cornett family! I would love to work with you again! Happy holidays!

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