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Treanor: Family Photos

Crazy timing, crazy wind, and crazy kids make for the best of adventures!

I've known many of the kids for awhile. Well, there parents have known me awhile. Oh, it's a long story. But, I have taken many of their preschool pictures before, and it was good to see them all together as a family!

I love Franklin Township Park, but this particular day had many challenges, like wind and very direct sunlight. And, a HUGE standing puddle. Luckily, one dad saved the day - he carried all of the kids through the water so I could get their pictures with the bridge.

This session was actually paid for back in December, as a gift to the kids' grandma. It came at a time I was offering an awesome deal on Facebook, Instagram, and newsletter. I love giving my clients deals - it gives us more opportunities to work (read: have fun) together!

Thank you, all, for being good sports and creating a fun photo session for all of us. I hope you all cherish these shots and your time together!

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