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Jacob: Senior Photos

If you've been following me for awhile, you might know that some of my favorite sessions are senior sessions. They show so much uniqueness and personality, which makes my job more fun!

With that in mind, meet Jacob! He loves hockey and video games, and he's graduating from high school soon!

In fact he and his sister (who I photographed a few years ago) will be Franklin Central graduates, just like me! Cheers, FC Flashes!

Jacob's mom set up our session, and he was a great participant! He and his mom seem very close, and he got pictures to make her happy. I think she'll be thrilled, Jacob!

The best part of Jacob's session was mixing traditional head shots with silly jumping ones...

...and combining the rustic outdoors with an urban feel. The White River Canal (though it was dyed green for some reason that day) gave us so much beautiful, varied scenery - it was the perfect spot!

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, Jacob! Best of luck to you!

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